Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boppy Cover Tutorial

Boppy pillows.
I don't have any children, but from what I gather, Boppy's are pretty essential... and expensive.
I was at Target yesterday and saw that they sell the "naked" ones for $24.99 and covered ones for $35.99.  From what I gather, Babies 'R Us is about the same.  Slip covers are about $10 at their cheapest... and they are ugly.  SO, what to do?  Make one!
A few weeks ago I posted that I found a Boppy at Goodwill for my sister-in-law for $1.99.  The cover is cute, but I would want something cuter... and I wouldn't pay $10 for an ugly one.  To make one, it might cost you $6 and you can pick whatever fabric you want.
This is Howie do it:

You will need:

First- take the cover off a boppy you already have or use this pattern by Prudent Baby.

If you are using the pattern, follow the instructions for piecing it together.  You will lay it out on your fabric the same way.  If you are using a cover you already have, zip the cover back up (now that you have taken it off the pillow) and place it on your fabric like I did.
I actually got my fabric at remnant price because it was 25 inches long (SO it was only like $1.75.  Crazy.) and on the bolt, so it was a tiny bit short on both sides.  No worries, though- it needs to be snug on the pillow!
Cut around the cover, leaving about 1/2 inch gap from the cover- this will account for your seam allowance:
Now, since one side of the cover needs a zipper so that you can take the cover off, let's measure how far down from the top the zipper is placed:
6 inches!  Easy.  Take ONE side... did you hear that?
Side of the 2 pieces you have cut out and fold it in half.  Measure down from the top six inches and cut across.  Unfold both pieces and you should have the top cut off from the bottom.  Wow, that makes a whole lot of sense, Katie.  Here's what I mean:
Unfold, and you back piece will now look like this:
Zippa Time!  Take your zipper from the packaging and place it FACE DOWN.
 On the bottom half, like this:
Use your machine to stitch your zipper to the bottom piece.  You don't really need to attach your zipper foot- your machine should do just fine.  Sew it on with a 1/4 in seam allowance (that means the right side of your presser foot should line up with the edge of the fabric.. which your zipper should be pinned to so that they are even as well, like in the picture).
Take your pins out and flip the zipper up so you can see the teeth and tab.  Open the zipper so that you can make sure it works (if you stitch into the teeth, your zipper won't open).  Iron the fabric down.
Zip it back up, but keep the zipper face up so you can see the teeth.  Take the piece you cut off and lay it right side up on your ironing board.  Take the zippered piece and lay it right side down so that the un-sewn side of the zipper is now even with the straight edge of the top half of the back piece.  Pin them to they are even. 
Sew the zipper to the top piece the same way you did the first time.  Iron the fabric away from the zipper once you are finished.  Open the zipper again, make sure it works, then zip it back up.  You now should have this:

Wow!  Almost there.  The hardest part is ova.  Take the side without a zipper and place it right side up on your ironing board.  Take the zippered side (zipper should be zipped up) and lay it face down so that your right sides are together:

Pin together.  Unzip your zipper, like, an inch.  You are going to sew all the way around the circumference of the cover, stopping where you started.  Do not leave a hole- you will be able to unzip the zipper and turn it right side out!
Unzip, turn right side out, and put on your pillow!
If it's too baggy or your center curve is too low, you can turn your cover inside out and take deeper seams.

Some baby is going to be Boppy-ing in style!  Make one and alternate them when you're washing one cover, Make a "girl" or "boy" cover for a boppy you originally bought for a different sex, or cover a naked Boppy.
How much did this cost?  $4.  There is no telling how cheap it can  be if you shop sales and use coupons!!

Everyone loves a cute Boppy- even Oscar!
He is too much!



  1. Love it! I should hire you to make a cover for mine. :)

  2. love it! Just made one with Michael Miller groovy guitars and it is too stinkin cute. thanks for the great tutorial!

  3. Thank you for the awesome tutorial! I have always been afraid to try and sew a zipper in, but I did it with your instructions and no zipper foot! I used a lightweight denim fabric and it looks so nice!

  4. Susie, that sounds adorable! Emmy, Don't be afraid of zippers! They can be intimidating, but they are simple once you get the hang of it. This techniques is even easier! I'm so glad you had success =)

  5. this was so easy to make and turned out awesome for me...thanks for the easy to follow steps!

  6. Ironically, I currently have a child-in-boppy on my lap, covered with the "ugly cover" pictured above.

  7. I don't think this one is "ugly". I wrote that this one is rather cute and kept it with the intention of using it as an alternating cover. I do think that some other covers are not the greatest, but that all depends on your style! =)

  8. When I got the boppy I wasn't sure on gender, and this was the cutest "neutral" one they had. I agree with you, that $10 is ridiculously expensive for what a lot of the covers look like, when remnants run about $2. Glad you posted this.

  9. This was the easiest to follow tutorial and my cover actually turned out looking great. I believe its going to be my new favorite baby gift

  10. Katie,
    I'm trying to make this using the Prudent Baby pattern and I'm confused on the number 1 and 2 for the top zipper and bottom zipper pattern it just that you're cutting out the back of the boppy in two pieces instead of cutting it in your methods? Thanks so much

    1. Kasia, yes! In the Prudent baby pattern, it has you cut out 3 pattern pieces: a front, and 2 back pieces (one above and one below the zipper). I just cut two of the front (whole boppy pieces) and then cut one of those to accommodate the zipper. Hope that helps!

  11. Love this tutorial! I've pinned you! I'm going to try this once I get some zippers! BTW I love how you added the zipper to the cover!

  12. Katie,
    I am having troubles with the zipper. When I sew it on and turn it inside out, the zipper have like an inch or two from where the zipper ends from the end of the fabric. It is like a hole! What did I do wrong? Thanks so much!

  13. It should be mentioned that the width on the bolt of fabric needs to be 54 inches. I went to the fabric store, found a really cute fabric, had the saleswoman there cut out the 26 inches that you said we needed, and then sent it to my mom in Arizona (I'm in MI) to make it for me. She just called saying that there wasn't enough fabric because when the width is folded in half for the two sides, it came up short...

    I'm kind of bummed! She's going to go out and find a solid color for the back of the boppy cover that will blend well with the cute pattern that I picked out. Hopefully it still looks cute!

  14. If you use the Prudent Baby Pattern you need more fabric than 26 inches. I had to go out and purchase more. It takes about a yard of fabric that is 44 in wide with a non directional design.

  15. Thank you so much. My baby is 25 years old so I never heard of a "Boppy" when he was a baby but, I have a friend who is having a baby and she wants 2 covers. I can't wait to try this out. Hugs!

  16. What length does the zipper need to be? I bought 18" but it's way too small. It measures 29" across but want sure if I should get longer? First time sewing a zipper and I'm terrified!


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