Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guest Posting at Land of LA

First of all, check this video out:

Curling your hair..with a sock?!?!  Crazy.  I don't know that it would work with my shorter hair, but man, gorgeous and easy.  I usually get a pretty fierce crimp from hair ties, too, so maybe it will never work for me.  Boo for fine hair that blows dry in a commercial break.  I am sure my sissy could do it (but then again, she can do anything and wear anything and look gorgeous.  Don't get me started).

Anyway, I am guest posting at Land of LA today!  It is a tutorial for an infinity scarf from old sweatpants (or any other fabric) and features a cute giveaway.  Head over and check it out! 1.  You will be blessed by Laurisa's blog.  She is truly sweet, hilarious, and talented.  You really need to start stalking her.  2. Make sure to follow the {super easy} instructions for the giveaway!

Off to Texas to see a dear, dear friend of mine get married.  SO excited to see her and have a mini vaca with the love of my life.  Staying in hotels makes me happy!


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