Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas

There came a time in my life when it seemed like every time I logged into Facebook, someone was announcing their engagement.  Posting ring photos.  Sharing links to fun wedding ideas.
Everytime I check my feed, someone is announcing their awesome, beautiful, miraculous news:  A little one is on the way.
I always think, Man!  There is something in the water!
Then I realize- I am just that age.
All of the people that were getting married are now having their babies and I love it.  Instead of stalking FB for wedding photos, I look forward to seeing baby bump pictures (which you will  be getting weekly from me when that happens for us) and little faces that look remarkably similar to my friends.  So sweet!
My sis-in-law, Becky, is expecting her first in January.

Autumn Nicole will join our family in January (how cute of a name is that?).  We are already a huge family and barely fit in one house on Saturday nights, but it's only starting to get bigger.  Love it!  Can't wait to meet this baby girl.  She is one lucky duck to have Becky and Jacob as parents (and lucky to have one freaking awesome Aunt Katie if I do say so myself-she already has this gorg sweater waiting for her).

Um, hello does this come in mega size for Auntie?
Anyway, baby means shower.  We are planning this partay a little over a month from now and need ideas.  Already purchased invitations (got them on clearance for a cool $1.50 for 15- and bought 3 packages.  So what they are actually wedding invites.  I'm doing a bride a favor somewhere by taking these bubble gum pink invites out of the store.) and blog stalking for decor, food, game, and favor ideas.

I figured with the influx of baby-bearing out there, someone else might benefit from this post.  Here are a few ideas I have seen and love love love!
Hostess with the Mostess is one of my fav blogs for shower ideas.
They have featured:
Elegant and Lush:

Check out those baby shots of Mom and Dad.  So cute!
Chanel Inspired:

Love the Glitter clothesline pins and "notes" to the baby.  So sweet!
Ali's Sweet Treats has these cookie cutters- I am borrowing it from a coworker.  So cute!

To be Charmed has a tutorial for these burlap vase covers.  You could do freezer paper stencils with these and have something baby related- they would be so sweet as decoration with flowers!  AND you could use the 100 vases left over from your wedding.  I knew all those decorations would come in handy one day!

And, of course, what shower would be complete without garland and bunting?  Seriously, obsessed with this stuff!
A Beautiful Mess has tutorials for 10 types of garland.  Awe-some.

Oh, Baby!  Such cute ideas.  I will let you know how the shower goes!  Congrats Becky and Jacob!
Do you have any fun game ideas?


  1. one fun thing that they did at my shower. Was to have everyone write a blessing for the baby. And then put it in a book for them!

  2. "Ready to Pop" White Chocolate Popcorn


  3. Hey!! Nice to see these baby shower ideas. Really loved them and will try to arrange such great arrangements for my niece’s baby shower. Have booked one of LA event venues. Was looking for ideas and glad to find this blog here. Thanks for sharing them.


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