Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pattern in Review: Simplicity 2512

Yet another reason why I love Simplicity patterns and all things Cynthia Rowley:

Back.  My straps look uneven, but it's because of the way they are tied in the front.  My dress form is slightly smaller than I!

If you are at all comfortable with putting in a zipper, this is a fantastic pattern.  This has got to be the easiest skirt I have ever made (not to mention the cutest!).  In total, this skirt took me around 3 hours, including a huge zipper faux pas (I will get to that later).  The original pattern calls for pockets, but I didn't want to mess with them.  I love pockets in dresses and skirts, but I have this thing called instant gratification.  I didn't want to waste time on it, so I left them out.  Otherwise, the basic skills required for this skirt include:
  • Sewing seams
  • Gathering
  • Basting
  • Bias tape making and sewing on
  • Invisible zipper application
That's it!  It's not lined, either, which is a total plus.  I used denim that I was able to buy at Walmart for $.75/yard (it was on extreme clearance because they were getting rid of pre-cut folds of fabric so they could bring back the bolts of fabric they had previously phased out.  Walmart, make up your mind!  Fabric or no fabric?) and had to buy an invisible zipper.  In total, I paid around $5 or less, including the pattern.  LOVE.  I would not suggest using denim unless you're experienced.  It was a pain when I put the zipper in and is all around harder to manipulate.  I think I am also going to make this out of a floral or geographic print.  

It has easy-to-attach ties that draw to the front from the back-one of my favorites about this skirt.  However, this is one of my zipper mistakes:
Good gracious.  So horrible.  HAD to fix that!

I also had a different zipper in before this and it broke.  I didn't put it in right because I was rushing and was forced to put it down and go to our weekly dinner with in the in-laws.  I wanted to cry out of frustration, but I cooled off, ripped it out, and put in a new zipper.  Put it in, realized my ties were crooked, ripped it out again (just that side), and fixed it.  Sheeesh!

Excited to wear it for my sewing girls tomorrow- paired with this bib necklace.  Want to know how to make it?  Come back later in the week!
I usually like to draft my own patterns, but sometimes it's nice to just be able to sew, knowing it will turn out, because of a retail pattern.
Have a great night!



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